Do Some Fall Shopping At Southland Mall

Southland Mall

The summer has flown by and once again, it's almost time for a new school year. Get ready to go back to school by doing some fall shopping in Hayward. Southland Mall is the perfect spot to purchase all of your back to school clothes. This mall is located at One Southland Mall Drive. This is only 3 miles from our Crestview Terrace Apartments, … [Read more...]

Solve The Storage Problems in Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

Solving apartment storage issues

Sometimes it seems like the issue of storage is a never-ending challenge. It is as though clutter is an entity that has a life of its own. Well, we offer you some tips that can help to solve your apartment storage problems and can be a great addition to your home decor. Purchase elegant furniture that has designated storage cabinets, like an armoire. … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Outdoors at Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park

CTA Garin Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Parks

Beautiful, warm days are great for spending time outdoors at Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park. The location of this park has a history of being a place of fun and celebration. The history began back in the 1880s. It is the goal of the park officials to maintain the tradition of fun and celebration that began there so long ago. They do so by … [Read more...]

What is the Best Kind of Furniture for Your Apartment?

Finding Apartment Furniture

When you are furnishing your apartment there are many decisions that you have to make. Deciding what type of furniture to put in your space is an important issue. You try to refrain from getting something that will be too large for your space or getting something that will be too small for your comfort. The following apartment furniture tips will help you to … [Read more...]

5 Random Things You Can Do To Improve Life at Home

Make Apartment Life Easier

Let's face it; your world is full of many things that require your attention and time. One of the best ways to recharge is being able to create an oasis for yourself in your home. Think of the bliss you will experience upon returning to your oasis in your Crestview Terrace apartment after a long day of dealing with challenges and trials. The … [Read more...]

The Large Closets in Our Apartments Will Keep Your Clothes Organized

Closet Organization

It always seems like you don't have enough space to store all of your clothes in an organized way. We can help you with that. Take a look at our affordable Hayward apartments. We have large closets that give you plenty of room for creating an organized storage space that can handle a good amount of your things. Using closet organizers can help you … [Read more...]

Our Package Receiving Services Make Receiving Gifts Easy

Gift Receiving

When you receive a gift in the mail it can truly brighten your day. These days there are challenges when it comes to package delivery. Packages left outside your door may tend to disappear. The trend has been unfortunate but it has happened. This is one thing that you will not have to worry about as a resident of our Oakland apartments to rent. Along … [Read more...]

Start Training for the 5th Annual Oakland Running Festival

Oakland Marathon

Although it seems like the Oakland Running Festival is far off in the future, in order for you to be ready you should consider beginning your training for it as soon as possible. There are several ways that you can prepare yourself for the marathons that are part of the festival. Oakland summer events includes preparation for this event because it is … [Read more...]

Furnish Your Apartment Using These 3 Tips

Apartment decor

When it is time to renew your apartment style there are many things that need to be considered. The idea of changing things with the purchase of new furniture may overwhelm you, but you don't have to worry if you use the following apartment living tips: Know your space. Many people have gone furniture shopping, picked out great pieces and had them … [Read more...]

Find Fresh and Local Food at The Hayward Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market

It is always wonderful when you can purchase fresh food for snacking and meal preparation. Most people try to incorporate fresh, healthy foods into their lifestyles, but find it increasingly difficult. Usually you have to travel far too find fresh foods. Residents of Crestview Terrace apartments are fortunate because they have the advantage of being … [Read more...]