Walls Looking Bare? Check Out These 10 Solutions to Blank Walls

Check Out These 10 Solutions to Blank Walls

When you want to enhance your apartment decor include wall decorating ideas. These 10 solutions to bare walls for inspiration. Art from old jewelry. An easy fix is to frame up some old pins and brooches. Oversized pice of art. Find a print with huge typography and frame it. Tiled artwork. Take one of your favorite photos, blow it up, cut it … [Read more...]

Stick to Your Budget When Grocery Shopping With These 3 Shopping Strategies

On the Lookout for These 5 Seasonal Produce Items in May

Our location is situated close to numerous locations such as Southland Mall that provide great opportunities for shopping. However, having that much temptation can be rather problematic if you are trying to set and then stick to your budget, which is why you should use these 3 shopping strategies for some budget friendly grocery shopping: If you see … [Read more...]

Use These 5 Home Remedies for Sunburn

Use These 5 Home Remedies for Sunburn

Summer means lots of opportunities to spend time outdoors, which means lots of opportunities for sunburns. If you have been sunburned, you should consider using these home remedies for sunburn: Cool compresses can provide relief for the painful sensation of sunburn. Some as simple as a towel that has been soaked using cool water should … [Read more...]

Shop for Your Summer Wardrobe at Nearby Southland Mall

Southland Mall

There's no doubt about it - summer is finally here!  That means it's time to get out of your Hayward apartment and enjoy the fresh air, warm weather, sunshine, and all the fun activities and attractions around the city and our region.  If you'll be spending time at the pool, a nearby lake, heading to the beach this summer, or even just out to have a fun … [Read more...]

Conserve Water in Your Apartment With These 5 Habits

Conserve Water in Your Apartment With These 5 Habits

As everyone knows, California is in a state of crisis when it comes to water consumption. But you can easily become part of the solution when you follow these smart water conservation tips. Don't use your bathroom toilet as a convenient garbage can. Every time you flush you are wasting five to seven gallons of water that could easily be used for … [Read more...]

How to Have Stress Free Traveling Experience

Have a Unique Mother's Day Celebration With These 3 Ideas

Summer is a great time to plan some great trips. Here are some summer traveling tips to make your trip stress free. Prepare well ahead of time Make a list of everything you will need to pack long before your travel date when your brain is calm. You need to create a checklist so that you can simply check things off your list. Keep the same list the … [Read more...]

Relax After Work in Our Community Sauna

Road Trip

Living in one of the Hayward apartments with saunas can allow you to enjoy relaxing and healthy benefits. Here are a few sauna facts and benefits for you. Saunas can help your body with detoxification. Sweating isn't something most of us want to do, but we need this function to cool us down and rid our bodies of waste products. Sweating helps to … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Winter Clothes Organized During the Summer

Winter Clothes

The warm weather is here to stay, and that means that its the perfect time to start packing away the winter clothes. Before you do, there are a few apartment organization ideas that you should keep in mind. Here are some tips for keeping your winter clothes organized this summer. Make repairs. There are probably many holes and rips on our winter … [Read more...]

Find Your New Favorite Book at Towne Center Books

Find Your New Favorite Book at Towne Center Books

"I cannot live without books." - so said Thomas Jefferson. Books are an amazing way to relax, to laugh and cry, to be transported to another world, and are an essential part of life. A good bookstore is essential to this process, and browsing through unknown tomes has that feeling of potential that is matched in few other places. Here at Crestview … [Read more...]

Check Out Local Art at Oakland First Friday Artwalk

Check Out Local Art at Oakland First Friday Artwalk

Here at Crestview Terrace, we love life in California. We want to help our residents experience all that the area has to offer. As a result, we are on the lookout for attractions near Hayward CA apartments. Schedule a standing date with the art community on the first Friday of every month. Oakland's First Fridays Festival kicks on June 5 at 5:00 … [Read more...]