Watch the Game at Jack’s Brewing Company in Fremont

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Jack's Brewing Company is one of the top Fremont CA sports bars. You can watch the game, enjoy a drink, and take in the atmosphere. Jack's Brewing Company is known for serving high quality beers. They brew on site every week, keeping the beer fresh and flowing. Some of their popular brews include Grid Iron Amber Ale, Penalty Shot Porter, and Boys of … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Our Winter Energy Bill

How to Save Money on Our Winter Energy Bill

The cold weather is here, and that means most people turn up the heat. Before you spend an exorbitant amount on utilities, there are a few simple things that you can do around the apartment to help. If you ever ask yourself how to save money on our winter energy bill, these timely tips are sure to come in handy. *Replace incandescent bulbs. Take stock … [Read more...]

Keep Your Living Room Organized With These 5 Storage Tips

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Most of us are desperate for more storage space in hour home. However, it might be a bit difficult to create storage space if living in  apartments or in a small space. The answer? Be practical and clever when looking for ways to increase your storage space. Integrate storage and decor Use storage that will also do as a decor item and blend in … [Read more...]

Contact Us for More Information About the Garages Available in Our Community

Crestview Terrace

There are many things that residents of our apartments for rent in Hayward enjoy. The community includes many things to do like restaurants, walking trails, fishing areas and other indoor and outdoor activities. Our apartments are also located near Downtown Hayward where there is also an abundance of interesting activities for residents. As a resident you … [Read more...]

Take Your Valentine to Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

Take Your Valentine to Chouinard Vineyard and Winery

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it may be time to think about where to take your special someone. There are many options for fine dining restaurants in Hayward, but one great option that needs to be considered is Chouinard Vineyard and Winery. At this vineyard and winery, you are in for a treat with a laid back scenery containing some of Livermore … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Time at Home With These 5 Tips

Make the Most of Your Time at Home With These 5 Tips

Living at our beautiful Crestview Terrace should certainly prove to be a positive experience for you. There are a lot of amenities you can take advantage of at the apartments, and you can also make the most of your time at home so that you are fully productive. Apartment living tips can give you help on those things you should do while at home. Open … [Read more...]

How to Protect your Home from Pet Allergens

How to Protect your Home from Pet Allergens

If you’re like many Americans, you may be suffering from allergy symptoms such as sneezing and coughing with itchy, watery eyes. Your symptoms may have been linked to pet dander. You probably want to know how to protect your home from pet allergens. The first line of defense, of course, is to not keep any pets. It’s the tiny skin flakes and dried … [Read more...]

4 Solutions for Awkward Situations at Dinner Parties

Solutions for Awkward Situations at Dinner Parties

Throwing a dinner party can be fun, but they tend to be a bit stressful as well.  You don't always know what surprises may come your way, from unexpected cooking problems to your guest's behavior.  Here are four solutions for awkward situations at dinner parties at your Hayward apartment. The food is bad: Maybe you'll burn the food or just realize … [Read more...]

Sit Down for a Mexican Meal at Los Dos Hermanos

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Here in California we're a melting pot of cuisines! From every country and every city, we have restaurants that are serving up the best that other cultures have to offer the taste buds with more foodie spots opening each year! On our radar these days are the delicious Hayward Ca Mexican restaurants built with an old school flair without skimping … [Read more...]

Adopt These 3 Weekend Habits for Handling Mondays Better

Source: Apartment Therapy

Most of us will agree: Mondays are hard. You have to get up early and get going after two days of lazing around. Check out these apartment living tips which just might make the transition a bit easier. As hard as it might be, try to keep your same sleep schedule on the weekends as during the week. Go to bed and get up around the same time each day. … [Read more...]